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Julie Theresa



5’7” 34B-24-35    Blonde Hair   Green Eyes


Beggar/Chorus              Les Miserables (School Edition) 2002     Stevenson High School

Cheerleader                  Broadway Joe 2002                               State Thespian Festival

Amber                          Broadway Joe 2002                               Stevenson High School

Crow                            More Aesop’s Fables 2003                    Stevenson High School

Dancer                         Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 2003    Stevenson High School

Sally and Ensemble        Parade 2004                                          Mid-Michigan Theatre Festival

Daisy                            Rhinoceros 2005                                    Loyola University Chicago

Harriet                          Boy Gets Girl 2005                                Loyola University Chicago



Driver (Extra)              Stranger Than Fiction 2005                    Crick Productions

Informational Video      Campus Fundraiser 2006                      Campus

Pedestrian (Extra)         The Break Up 2006                             Honor Code Productions



Fashion Show                Senior Variety Show 2004                      Wesner Tuxedo

Print Ad                        Prom 2004                                            Wesner Tuxedo

Promotion                     Supercross 2004                                    Butterfinger

Promotion                     Pet Supplies Plus 2004                           Pro Plan

Promotion                     Barbie 2005                                          Mattel

Print Ad                        Maria’s Collection 2005                         Teen Prom Magazine               

Fashion Show                National Bridal Market Chicago 2005     Maria’s Collection

Calendar                       Hot Girls Bikini Calendar                       Maverick Williams

Featured Model             Fine Nine Models Nov 2005                   Xtreme Detroit Magazine

Print Ad                        RX Designs April 2006                          UR Chicago Magazine



Bachelor Degree in Theater (In Progress)Sophomore                  Loyola University Chicago

Acting for TV/Commercial                    Maria Mase                  John Casablanca’s Talent School

Voice Training                                      Josie Bender                 The Music Box

Kickboxing                                            Julie Romano                Nu-Lady Fitness Gym

Hip-Hop Dance                                     Josie Bender                 Royal Oak Center of Performing Arts

Musical Theatre Workshop                    Jeff Hinkle                    State Thespian Festival

Acting Workshop                                  Phillip Moss, Ph.D         State Thespian Festival

Advanced Acting Course                       Ed Branks                     John Robert Powers School

Acting for TV Workshop                       Janet Maylie                 State Thespian Festival

Musical Theatre Dance Workshop         Justin Keyes                 State Thespian Festival

Auditioning Musical Theatre Workshop   Brian Hissong               State Thespian Festival

Acting/Directing Workshop                    Mark Liermann             State Thespian Festival

Cold Readings Workshop                       Patrick Foley                 State Thespian Festival



Basketball, Jazz, Hurdle runner, Hip-hop, Horseback rider, Folk/American Dance, Tap, Ballet, Singing, Volleyball, Football

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