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Official Page of Julie Theresa

ATTENTION! I have a new phone number: 773-355-8567

Model and Actress


Julie Theresa here. I am located in Chicago, IL. I have been modeling and acting for 8 years. Most recently I was featured in UR Chicago Magazine April 2006, Teen Prom 2005, Hot Girls Bikini Calendar 2006, and Xtreme Detroit Magazine Nov 05. I am interested in print, but will consider all job offers made. I am a theatre major at Loyola University Chicago and I am interested in theatre and film. I am very determined and work hard to reach the goals I set for myself. I work well with others and love to socialize and meet new people.

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9-29-06 Today I was a makeup model for an ULTA ( in store video.
9-26-06 Shot for The Holmes Place advertisements in Downtown Chicago.
9-14-06 Was chosen as a model for How The Lake View Looks II Runway SHow Nov 18th at the Cubby Bear in Chicago!
8-20-06 Shot ads for Volia, a boutique in Ann Arbor, MI. Will run in Hour magazine in the fall!
8-18-06 Shot with Courtney Dailey for my portfolio. Also shot for Girls of Color 2007 Calendar!
7-13-06 Shot with Courtney Dailey in Pontiac, MI for GoDetroit Magazine. THE COVER! Look for me in Aug or Sept!!!

6-17-06 Shot again with Micheal Murphy to finish up his submission port for Surface Magazine.

5-28-06 Shot with Micheal Murphy for submissions to Surface Magazine. Look on my photo pages- the ones with me in yellow body paint are his!

5-20-06 Shot with Randy Fosth in Michigan. The new outdoor pics are his!

5-17-06 I did a stock photography shoot with Geddy Images, the largest stock photography company in the world!

5-10-06 Look at me: Finally have some credits!

5-10-06 Shot with Kelly Ealy for a 2007 Bikini Calendar. You can see some photos as she edits them and see her other work on #7866 Look for the calendar in November!

4-16-06 Had a test shoot today with Michael Murphy from Michigan for Agui brand clothing ( Could be doing some ads for them in the future.

4-7-06 An artist asked to use some of my photos for his CD covers! Once I get some copies of my own I'll post them!

3-30-06 I was an Extra in The Break Up today starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston. It will be realeased June 2nd in theatres. I'm also working as an Extra on Sunday too!

3-31-06 I was in New York last week doing a video for! I will be one of their spokesmodels on their website and advertisements! Website will be up May 2006, so check it out!

3-21-06 Will be shooting for another calendar May 3rd. It will be out October of this year! Midwest Girls!

3-7-06 Shot with Randy Fosth in Michigan today, amazing shots! I'm slowly adding them as he sends them to me. Shutterbug photos are his!

2-23-06 Look for me in Chicago's UR Magazine this month!

2-23-06 Shot with Simply Canvas for a lingerie shoot twice in Feb. Pics coming soon.

1-30-06 Hot Girls Bikini Calendar is to be released soon! Keep checking back for details!

1-18-06 I've been cast in Boy Gets Girl, a theatrical show in Chicago. Showing April 25th-30th. Tickets go on sale April 3rd!